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You'll be shocked by what this boy did after watching Fifty Shades of Grey

A psychiatrist has revealed that he worked with a boy aged 12 who acted out sex scenes from the 50 Shades of Grey film with a girl in a park.

Addiction specialist Steve Pope has warned of the impact pornography on children after saying he worked with a young man who had been influenced by the movie, starring Jamie Dornan as S&M-loving billionaire Christian Grey opposite Dakota Johnson.


Mum's public apology for daughters' bad behaviour at cinema goes viral

THE mother of two "obnoxious" teenagers who giggled and kicked a female stranger's chair despite being asked to stop during a film viewing session at the cinemas has posted a public apology on their behalf on Facebook.

Kyesha Smith Wood, from Alabama, wrote on her Facebook wall that she was alerted to her daughter's and step daughter's rude behaviour by her son.

"I dropped my teenage daughter, step daughter, and son off at the movie. My son later told me, much to my humiliation and embarrassment, that my girls were rude and obnoxious during the movie.

"The woman I'm looking for addressed them and asked them to be quiet and they were disrespectful. After the movie she approached my girls and told them that her husband had been laid off and this was the last movie she would be able to take her daughter to for a while and my girls ruined that for her. If you are this woman, please message me."

The post was then shared by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, titled: "What do you think of the way this local mom is handling this situation? Looks like these children have great parents", and within 24 hours, reached Rebecca Boyd, also from Alabama.

Ms Boyd commented on the post, saying: "I am the mom from the movie theatre. I had taken my daughter to see Cinderella. I was very upset and disappointed in the girls behaviour ... the note from their mom brought me to tears and shows there is still good people in the world. I have no hard feelings towards them and I am proud of their parents."


Benedict Cumberbatch is *officially* good enough to eat

Benedict Cumberbatch, the most dateable male celebrity, is charming, has good looks - and now tastes as sweet as chocolate.

The Sherlock star has been recreated out of chocolate. Featuring slicked back hair and dressed for the red carpet in a tuxedo and bow tie, chocolatiers have created a life-size chocolate model of the Sherlock star.

The 38-year-old actor's chocolate doppelganger was created to celebrate the launch of television channel Drama on the new on-demand service following a national poll which named the Oscar nominated star as Britain's best looking television drama actor.


Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding to join Coronation Street

Is this just an April Fools or could it be for real? Sarah Harding will make a guest appearance in a total of four episodes to be transmitted in the summer.

Exact details of the 33-year-old's storylines are being kept under wraps, but she will play a feisty character who is going to make life difficult for troublemaker Tracy Barlow.

The blonde beauty, whose acting credits include Bad Day, the BBC television film Freefall, Run for your Wife and St Trinians 2: The legend of Fritton's Gold, will start filming in for the ITV1 soap next month.

Producer Stuart Blackburn said: "Sarah is proving to be a gifted and exciting actor and I'm absolutely delighted to have her on board."


The way Alyssa Milano talks about her stretch marks will make you love yours too

Alyssa Milano is proud of being a mother and all the physical changes that come with it.

The actress, 42, joined the ladies of The Talk for a discussion about stretch marks.

"Some people might see them as imperfections, but when you have a baby –those are your beauty marks," Milano said. "I love my stretch marks. I have them on my boobs, on my ass, on my belly."


She dreamt of being an X Factor star. Instead she died suddenly from a brain haemorrhage at 19

An aspiring singer who auditioned for both the X Factor and The Voice has died at the age of just 19.

Mollie Jones was working at KFC – where she was a team trainer – when she fell ill and was rushed to hospital.

Two days later she died when she couldn't recover from the brain hamorrage.

Her distraught father Brendan said: "She could silence a room. I can't listen to the radio any more."

Speaking about the shocking and very sudden incident, he told the Chorley Guardian: "She had had a bleed to her brain.

"She died on Tuesday the third. There was no warning at all. It was just out of the blue. She was fit.

"We were actually shopping in Asda and got a phone call from her boyfriend Adam who works with her, saying she's collapsed.

"We thought she'd fainted, not had enough to eat. It was thought it was meningitis at first. It was only at 11pm when we found out she had a bleed."


Zayn Malik 'spent an hour crying on the phone to Harry Styles'

Ever since Zayn Malik revealed the shock news that he's quit One Direction, there have been more rumours about just what affected this decision than we can count.

Now a source speaking to Closer magazine this week alleges that the Bradford Bad Boi felt caught between the band and his relationship following those pics of him holding hands with a blonde in Thailand.

"Zayn felt he needed out of the showbiz world to get his head straight," an insider apparently told the magazine. "He's always struggled with the fame and felt it all became too much. In the end, he felt it was a choice between the band or Perrie - and he chose Perrie. "

It goes without saying that this wasn't an easy decision, but the insider reckons he spent time talking it through with the other 4/5 of the band before making the final choice.

"He spent an hour on the phone to Harry crying, trying to make all the boys see it was the right thing," the source added, going on to explain that Perrie was pretty shocked to hear what he'd decided.


Jamie Dornan stalked women as research for The Fall

Could you have been stalked by Jamie Dornan? Quite possibly, if you're a woman living in London who used the Tube in February 2012.

The 50 Shades Of Grey star has admitted to once following a woman off of the Underground when trying to get inside the dark mindset of his The Fall character, serial killer Paul Spector.

'I followed a woman off the train one day to see what it felt like to pursue someone like that,' Jamie told the Los Angeles Times of his initial approach to the character.


Check out Katie Price and Peter Andre's holiday photos with the kids

It looks like both Peter Andre AND Katie Price are enjoying the Easter holidays.

While Pete, 42, is skiing in Canada with their children Junior and Princess, Katie is in more tropical climes with her other kids Harvey, Jett and Bunny.

Jealous? Us?

Peter's posted a number of snaps from his trip on Instagram, which show his youngsters playing in the snow, Junior proudly showing off his weatherproof gear and Princess getting covered in whipped cream while enjoying a hot drink.

Pete's even got the whole family involved, sharing a picture of Junior on a ski lift with his brother Michael and Tom MacDonagh, who's the sibling of his fiancée Emily.

'This is a big trip for us as the kids are really getting into their skiing now,' says Pete.

'We've all skied loads in the past but they're only just getting the hang of it so I'm taking them to improve their skills, as I want them to have this as an option for when they're older.'

It's not known whether Emily, 25, and their daughter Amelia have joined them across the pond - but Pete certainly has high hopes for his one-year-old's future skiing skills.

'It'll be something we always do as a family - it's our way of bonding,' he says.

'As soon as Mills is old enough, she'll be starting to learn how to ski as well. Her mum, Ems, is already brilliant.'

Meanwhile, Katie - who shares Junior, 9, and Princess, 7, with Pete - has been keeping us updated with pictures of herself and her little ones in the sun.

The 36-year-old uploaded an adorable image of seven-month-old Bunny in a summery hat yesterday before snapping Harvey, 12, jumping in a pool.

Both Bunny and Jett are the children of Katie's husband Kieran Hayler, while Harvey's dad is ex-footballer Dwight Yorke.


What a transformation! See Geordie Shore Vicky Pattison's before & after weight loss pics

Vicky Pattison celebrated another week of her super toned body by posting two amazing before and after pictures, showing the full extent of her weight loss.

The Geordie Shore star, 27, has gone from a size 16 to a size 6 by following a diet and exercise regime. And she let fans in on how she did it.

Posting on Instagram she said: '#TransformationTuesday... Through diet, my #7daySlim and with the help of @minivnutrition I went from the picture on the left to the image on the right!! I am strong, healthy and finally body confident!! And you can too!! Head to and find out more about my range! 😘'

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Joni Mitchell in intensive care after being found unconscious at home

Joni Mitchell was rushed to hospital after being found unconscious at her home on Tuesday.

The 71-year-old singer is currently being treated in intensive care.

'Joni has been hospitalized,' read a message posted on her Twitter page shortly before 8pm LA time.

'We are awaiting official word on her condition and will post it here as soon as we know.'

A few hours later there was an update:

'Joni is currently in intensive care in an LA area hospital but is awake and in good spirits. More updates to come as we hear them.'


Katie Piper celebrates returning home from hospital with mummy-daughter time

Katie Piper has reassured fans that she is back home after a shock visit to hospital following surgery complications that left her worryingly slim.

The mum-of-one posted on Twitter: "Thank you for all your tweets and messages, I'm back at home now taking it easy and being strict with my medication."

Katie, 31, was rushed to hospital after saying she lost so much weight she 'looks like a skeleton' after a routine operation went wrong.

The Beautiful Ever After author told the Mirror: "I went in for a routine operation to remove scar tissue from my attack but there were complications. I was discharged but started to deteriorate. It's been very painful and I've lost a stone in 15 days so I had to come in and be monitored."

Katie was clearly overjoyed to be back at home with her one-year-old daughter Belle.

Last night she posted this picture of her on Instagram and hinted that she was putting mummy-daughter time over putting her to bed.

She wrote: 'Happy Easter everyone from Belle in her spring chick pyjamas. Now who is going to tell her that's not her cot and it's bed time....'

Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards leave UK - find out who they've taken with them

Well done, everyone. You've survived 'March Madness', and we can officially begin what is hopefully a more peaceful April - something Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards will probably also be hoping for.

And it looks like they've already hopped on a private plane to LAX (maybe) with their dreams and Perrie's very nice floppy hat to get away from it all, accompanied by Zayn's mum and sisters too.



Jeremy Clarkson to become 'special advisor on transport' to Prime Minister

Jeremy Clarkson has already found employment, just one week after he was sacked as the host of Top Gear by the BBC following a row with a show producer over catering arrangements.

The presenter appears to have sought favour in "fracas" supporter David Cameron, who is set to announce Clarkson's new role in Westminster as his special adviser on transport.

Not only will Clarkson offer his expertise on road taxation and refining public transport, but he will also lead a new government initiative to improve the motoring etiquette of British drivers abroad.

"No-one understands the perils of driving through Argentina quite like Clarkson does," a government insider close to the PM tells The Independent. "He really is in a unique position to provide some much needed advice."


Hotting up! John Torode pictured 'moving in' with MasterChef winner Lisa Faulkner

When actress Lisa Faulkner won Celebrity MasterChef in 2010 she declared it had 'totally changed my life'.

How right she was. For not only has the former Holby City star turned her win into a cookery career, she found love with MasterChef presenter John Torode.

Now it appears their two-and-a-half-year relationship is heating up.

Australian chef Torode was spotted packing up his belongings at his Clapham home last week before arriving at Faulkner's house in North London, where the 43-year-old lives with her eight-year-old daughter Billie from her marriage to actor Chris Hoghill.


Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift mix business with pleasure by producing a song together

The relationship between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift is blossoming so much that Calvin would like Taylor to feature on one of his upcoming EDM tracks.

Not wanting her music to be pigeon holed Taylor is keen on the idea and excited about getting in the studio with Calvin.

When asked about their personal relationship Taylor has said that she wants to take it slow - unlike the tempo of Calvin's music.

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11 awesome pranks you need to play this April Fools' Day

1. Change all their iPhone app symbols to kittens.


It's easy - just download the iPhoneception app on their iPhone when they're not looking.

2. Print out a fake parking ticket.


No one likes to find one of these bad boys on their windscreen. There are plenty of websites that let you download a ticket - all you need is a printer and a plastic sleeve. Then stand back and watch their face fall.

3. Convince your friend their flat has suddenly been infested with insects.


Go to this site to download the bugs and then stick them behind their lampshades. Creepy.

4. Write your male colleague's name inside a pair of women's knickers and then leave them in the ladies' at work.


'Hey Alex, I think these are yours...'

5. Tell your partner your mum is coming to stay. For a month.


6. Cover the base of your colleague's mouse with a piece of paper so it doesn't work.


They just won't be able to work out why. If you find a piece of paper with Nicolas Cage's face on it then all the better.

7. Replace the jam in a doughnut with ketchup - then merrily give it to them.



8. Freeze your child's breakfast cereal the night before.


Enjoy a few brief moments of hilarity to make up for all those sleepless nights you endured when they were a baby.

9. Cover the remote control sensor with sticky tape.


Oh, sorry honey, I guess we'll just have to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians then.

10. Stick goggly eyes to everything in your fridge.


If this doesn't freak your partner/housemate out then we don't know what will.

11. Coat their bar of soap in clear nail polish so it doesn't work.


No matter how much they try, they won't be able to get it to lather.

18 actors who didn't marry a celeb. You do have a chance after all!

When it comes to the laws of dating in Hollywood, musicians are typically drawn to models, while actors tend to gravitate toward other actors.

They meet on set while filming a movie — we're looking at you, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — or cross paths during an industry event and end up living happily ever after. For some stars, though, it's more appealing to settle down with someone who's not in the spotlight, like an agent, artist, or, in the case of Matt Damon, a Miami Beach bartender.

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Game Of Throne's Jon Snow does NOT like being called a hunk: 'It's demeaning'

British actor Kit Harington has been moaning about people asking him about his sex appeal and sheer hunkiness.

The 28-year-old star, who plays Jon Snow in the HBO hit Game of Thrones, said he felt the question was 'demeaning'.

He told Page Six: "To always be put on a pedestal as a hunk is slightly demeaning.

"It really is and it's in the same way as it is for women. When an actor is seen only for her physical beauty, it can be quite offensive."


Whaaat?! Downton Abbey could return as 70s spin-off after final

The Earl of Grantham could be swapping his bowties for disco flares in the future, says the creator of Downton Abbey.

Scriptwriter Julian Fellowes, 65, would like to set a new series of the hit period drama in the 1970s – with the aristos having fallen on hard times.

He said: "I think in 10 years it could be quite fun, when we have all forgotten about it, if it came back as Downton struggling in the 1970s. We could have all new different situations."

He also said he has several ideas "up his sleeve" about spin-offs for some characters.


Meet Fuchsia - the Easter cat who is NOT happy about having purple fur

Purple is very much a colour of Easter but perhaps not a desired look for a stray moggy.

The staff at the Fort Worth shelter in Texas were very surprised when they laid eyes on their most recent Easter arrival.
Fuchsia, who has been lovingly named by staff, was handed to the shelter dyed purple.

Staff have said Fuchsia is not very happy with her Easter themed get up. Rightly so, Easter will be over in a week and none of us like to be behind on fashion.

Get your paws on the full story here.

Zayn Malik's new song was originally written for One Direction's album

Nearly a week after Zayn Malik, 22, left One Direction, the newly solo singer released a demo with UK musician Naughty Boy on March 30 and Directioners freaked out! It turns out that the track isn't really meant to be Zayn's first "solo" song. can EXCLUSIVELY confirm that the song was a demo that the two worked on for One Direction months ago and it didn't end up making the album!

Naughty Boy and Zayn recorded the demo in 2014 to present as a possible track for 1D's albumFour, a One Direction rep confirmed to EXCLUSIVELY!


Kim Kardashian and David Cameron are COUSINS. Find out how!

David Cameron has revealed he is related to the reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

The Prime Minister said he was the thirteenth cousin of the US celebrity, who is married to rapper Kanye West.

The startling revelation comes despite Mr Cameron insisting that he could not understand 'why everyone is interested in the Kardashians' after being asked about his TV habits.

In an interview with the celebrity magazine Heat, Mr Cameron was asked if he watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Mr Cameron said: 'No, but I'm related to them.' But he added: 'Did you know I'm 13th cousins with them?'

The Prime Minister and his celebrity cousin, who shot to fame after starring in a leaked sex tape, are linked by their mutual ancestor, Sir William Spencer, born in 1555, according to genealogy website


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